An Elegant, Intimate Wedding at One if by Land, Two if by Sea in New York City, New York

Hyme Choi (32 and a teacher) met Jong Park (32 and a student) at a Christmas party she was hosting at her home, but sparks didn't fly immediately. "It wasn't a magical moment for sure," says Hyme. "He thought I was nerdy. I thought he was super shy. However, I do remember wondering if we would be friends and what kind of relationship we might have in the future, which I found kind of odd." She wasn't left wondering for long. The two quickly became close and three years later, Jong proposed on Valentine's Day. For their wedding, the couple opted for an intimate affair with a rustic, romantic vibe. They chose One if by Land, Two if by Sea as the spot to host the event, an iconic New York City restaurant with exposed brick walls, large windows, elegant chandeliers and antique decor. "I knew that I wanted to have a different kind of wedding, one that wasn't overly grand, but was still elegant, intimate and lovely," says Hyme. "As I looked through countless venues online, the photos of One if By Land were my favorite. I thought it might be crazy to try to book it with my budget, but decided to give it a visit anyway. I'm so glad I did." The historic venue offered ample space for the couple's 60 guests and had several rooms for them to use for the ceremony and reception. They opted to host the wedding at mid-day on a Monday, which allowed them to book the entire restaurant. From the ivory floral centerpieces to the live jazz musicians and a brunch menu filled with mouthwatering fare like red velvet pancakes, bourbon french toast and Scottish salmon, One if by Land, Two if by Sea took care of it all.