An Elegant, Luxe Wedding at Commodore Perry Estate in Austin, Texas

Guests probably couldn't tell they were in a big city like Austin, Texas, at this sophisticated, intimate wedding at the Commodore Perry Estate! Kelti Bailey (28 and in real estate) and Chris Late (33 and a car dealer) chose this venue, which felt like an Italian country villa, so they could host their entire wedding in one elegant, private space. “The Commodore Perry Estate had the charm and sophistication we were looking for in a venue,” Kelti says. The wedding focused on a color palette of pink and neutral hues, from the bridesmaids to the bouquets, for a polished, rustic look with an air of elegance. “I loved Molly Sims’s wedding and used that as inspiration,” the bride says. The intimate outdoor reception took place in a tent filled with dining tables that were covered in old candlesticks and colored glassware, all atop neutral linens to bring other hues into the pink palette. "The guest count was small enough (75) that we could really talk to every single guest,” Kelti says. Later, Hot Sauce ATX performed live to get guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor. “The band MADE the party!” the bride says. Her favorite highlight? “The band even let me play the trumpet!” Caplan Miller Events made sure the wedding ran smoothly from start to finish, allowing the newlyweds to have a fun, carefree evening. Kelti says she and Chris wouldn’t have their wedding any other way: “Having the wedding in one spot was really perfect for us. The flow was wonderful, and we loved not having to rush people out of anywhere to get to another venue.” See the romantic details captured by Diana M. Lott Photography below.