An Elegant, Modern Garden Wedding at Perez Art Museum Miami in Miami, Florida

His love of architecture mixed with her love of greenery made the Perez Art Museum Miami the ideal venue for Brianna Hoffmann (28 and a sports medicine physician) and Kautilya Shaurya (26 and a dermatologist). "Our venue provided the theme, color palette and design motif for us. The aesthetic of the wedding was determined completely by the beauty and design of Perez Art Museum Miami," Brianna says. "The hanging gardens and natural wood provided inspiration for the design of our flowers, table settings, aisle and even dresses." After the enchanting ceremony during the Miami, Florida, sunset, the couple celebrated with a cocktail reception on the museum's second floor where guests could wander and look at the art. The space is next to an adjoining theater, where Brianna and Kautilya played a slide show of them made by her cousin. "The slide show played on loop so guests could come and go to watch it as they pleased," she says. With its stunning setting, Brianna says, "the museum provided the perfect backdrop for a naturally beautiful wedding. Surrounded by Herzog & de Meuron's stunning architecture of the Perez Art Museum Miami and the beautiful colors of the evening sky, the couple knew their wedding would be wonderful no matter what. "If I could repeat one day every day for the rest of my life, it would undoubtedly be that day," Brianna says. —Ginger Harris