An Elegant Red and Ivory Vow Renewal Ceremony at Christian Brothers Retreat & Conference Center in Napa, California

Mayra Paniagua (35, a directors assistant) and Beto Paniagua (39, a cellar supervisor) met while Mayra was working at Christian Brothers Retreat & Con

Mayra Paniagua (35, a directors assistant) and Beto Paniagua (39, a cellar supervisor) met while Mayra was working at Christian Brothers Retreat & Conference Center in Napa, California. Beto and his brother had rented out the venue for a concert when Mayra caught his attention. Alberto left his phone number on Mayra’s car windshield and she called him by the end of the night. After they had been dating for about two years, Beto took Mayra to their favorite salsa dance club and surprised her with an engagement ring placed on her martini glass. Fast-forward ten years after their civil ceremony to the couple and their two twin daughters celebrating their anniversary with a vow renewal. They had their wedding at Christian Brothers Retreat & Conference Center, not only because it was where the couple met, but for the romantic, historical property. When thinking of love, the first color that came to mind for Mayra was red, so the color palette was red and ivory. Mayra wore the same wedding dress from the couple’s first wedding ten years prior, an ivory lace wedding dress with gold accents. Beto wore a gray suit with a red tie that matched Marya’s hair flower, and their twin daughters wore ivory dresses with a mix of red and black detail. From the wedding day attire to the bridal bouquet and rose table centerpieces, the color palette created an elegant, memorable setting for the couple to enjoy with their twin daughters.

Black and White Wedding Anniversary Invitation
Silver Engagement and Wedding Rings
Mayra held a round bouquet with a mix of red and ivory roses accented with green detail.
Elegant Bride with Flower Pinned Hair
Red Rose Boutonniere Accented with Berries
Beto walked with their two twin daughters to join the vow renewal celebration. They both had on matching ivory dresses, one with red accents and the other with black.
“Mont La Salle Christian Brothers Retreat was the only place I had my heart set on,” says Mayra. “Not only is this location like a second home to me because this is were I work, but it is a romantic historical place that is filled with beauty and spirituality.”
Ivory Dessert Table with Red Accents
Chocolate covered strawberries were decorated with a tuxedo and white dress pattern.
White Framed Stationery Dessert Menu
Family Photo Shot at Dessert Table
Red and Ivory Rose Centerpiece
Red velvet cupcakes were severed at the dessert table, among many other red accented sweets and decor. “My color palate was red and ivory, focusing mainly on romance and our love,” says Mayra. “When I think of love, I think of the color red.”
The two-tiered wedding cake was beaded at the bottom of each tier and topped with ivory and red roses. The cake was positioned on a white stand surrounded by red rose petals and lit candles.
The couple's twin daughters looked back at their parents as they tasted their ivory wedding cake, among many other desserts.
The sweetheart table was dressed in an ivory tablecloth and had matching chairs with custom-made signs on the back. The table was decorated with an ivory and red rose arrangement, surrounded by glassware and wine.
Dinnerware, Wine and Flower Arrangement
Couple Toasting to Renewed Vows
Couple Embracing Daughters in Family Photo
The couple renewed their vows inside the chapel at Christian Brothers Retreat & Conference Center. Mayra and Beto embraced one another as they shared the intimate moment.
First Dance After Renewed Vows