An Elegant, Rustic Wedding at Crystal Springs in Magnolia, Texas

As soon as Haley Elsner (22 and an administrative assistant) and Isaac Elsner (24 and a youth pastor) walked into Crystal Springs in Magnolia, Texas, they knew it had the Texas vibe they wanted on their wedding day. The pinewood walls, floors and white stone matched the ivory lace, pearl and lantern decor they wanted to create a rustic, elegant wedding. Hand in Hand Weddings & Events helped Haley and Isaac create a romantic ambience with a palette of deep rose pink and steel blue and gray. A special detail? Haley made the bridal party bouquets herself using pretty fabric flowers in pink, green and white. Her best advice: “Love your spouse with everything you have. There's no time to argue about petty things, to not forgive or to waste time staying mad. Share the contents of your heart every chance you get. Flirt regularly. Truly do what makes you and your spouse happy. And most important, pray for them.” See the details captured by Jessi Marri Photography, below.