An Elegant, Rustic Wedding at Flora Farms in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

An elegant, outdoor dinner party might have been the intended theme for Katie Teixeira (28 and in event sales) and Blaine Smith’s (28 and a property manager) wedding celebration at Flora Farms in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, but fate played a role too. After selecting the venue of their dreams and signing their contract in mid-August on the stunning mango farm, on September 14, Hurricane Odile struck the southern Baja California Peninsula, directly hitting Los Cabos and devastating the area. Downed power lines cut off communication, preventing Katie and Blaine from checking on the health and well being of their wedding team. The event caused the couple to put their wedding on hold, so the people of Cabo could put their lives back together. After two months, Katie and her mother visited the area and were thrilled to see “the people of Cabo were pulling together faster and stronger than ever to rebuild the community and their livelihood,” she says. Luckily, Flora Farms was back up and running shortly after the storm, which meant Katie and Blaine could still have the wedding of their dreams, all the while supporting this beautiful community they had fallen in love with. “Our wedding would not have been the amazing experience it was without the fabulous team of vendors, family and friends who supported us each step of the way. #CaboStrong,” Katie says. —Ginger Harris