An Elegant, Spanish-Inspired Wedding at Villa Del Lago in Austin, Texas

With their shared Spanish heritage, Kate Perez (27 and a graphic designer) and Miguel Chavez (36 and a lawyer) instantly knew the country's beauty and romance would be their wedding theme. “Miguel and I have a Spanish heritage, and that is what brought us together, so we had to celebrate it,” Kate says. “I originally wanted to have my wedding in Spain, but that was pretty impractical." She and Miguel had a wedding day that reminded them of Spain: a ceremony at St. Mary Cathedral and a reception at Villa Del Lago, both in Austin, Texas. Relying on a palette she refers to as Barcelona blushes—dusty roses, pale pinks and deep crimsons—Kate created her vision of a romantic European wedding, complete with lacey textured floral centerpieces, gold touches and vintage keys. While Kate planned a decadent feast of spicy pumpkin soup with lobster and a full charcuterie board with manchego cheese, she didn’t plan on dining on it under less-than-sunny skies. Thankfully, her backup plan turned out to be picture perfect. But Kate offers this advice: “Make sure you actually like your rain plan. We had to rethink our entire plan the day before the wedding, because I couldn't fathom the idea of having my reception in a tent. Luckily, the venue had a pavilion, and moving all the tables underneath it turned out better than I anticipated.” —Ginger Harris