An Elegant Ukrainian and Chinese Fusion Wedding at The Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York

To honor their respective Chinese and Ukrainian backgrounds, Alyssa Tang (35 and a fashion designer) and Andrew Bortnyk (35 and works in software sales) planned a festive, fauna-filled fete using vibrant colors and verdant accents.

“Our theme was a celebration of our ‘Ukrasian’ love,” Alyssa says of mixing European traditions with plenty of Asian flair. The same friend who introduced Alyssa and Andrew also designed a custom dress and chiffon hood for the bride, resulting in a one-of-a-kind look. “It served as a nod to my mother’s hooded wedding gown,” Alyssa says. “I wanted to pay respect to the woman who gave me my sense of style.”

The warehouse reception began with a bang, thanks to a traditional Chinese lion dance that incorporated a clamorous blend of cymbals and drums. Ukrainian floral headbands and Beijing opera masks topped tables, along with a Ukranian bread cake, or korovai, baked by the groom’s mother.