An Elegant, Vintage Wedding at Meridian House in Washington, DC

A shot of bourbon brought Sheila Ormond (34 and a nurse) and Dag Vega (39 and a communications consultant) together. Sheila was at a bar with a group of friends, and Dag was so impressed by the ladies' choice of drink—shots of bourbon—that he decided to strike up a conversation with them. Dag could not stop looking at Sheila's eyes. They spent the rest of the night talking about their lives, their connections to Pomona College and the song "Call Me Maybe." They talked through closing time! Three weeks later, unwilling to go too many days without seeing her, Dag accompanied her on a trip to Mexico City. As they say, the rest is history. A few years later, Dag and Sheila said "I do" in a romantic wedding at Washington, DC's Meridian House, located a few blocks from their home. They pulled off their elegant, unfussy look with a timeless palette of navy blue, green and white. Advice from Sheila: "Savor every moment. The day happens so quickly." —Meghan Overdeep