An Elegant Wedding at Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix, Arizona

Stephanie Fanger (27 and an interior designer) and Jay Heiple (33 and an information technology professional) met at the birthday celebration of a close friend, but it was not until four years later, at a Zombie Apocalypse party, that sparks flew. Jay messaged Stephanie on Facebook asking for her phone number, because he had a question regarding the interior design of his condo. After Stephanie gave a long winded answer about room heights, fan style and structure capabilities, Jay asked Stephanie on their first date. A year later, on a trip to San Francisco, Jay proposed on a rooftop at sunset overlooking the city. The couple decided on a December wedding at Wrigley Mansion, as it was one of the sites on their first date and they wanted to incorporate the beautiful views of Phoenix, Arizona into the experience for all their guests. Rather than a holiday theme, the couple utilized a color palette of navy with gold and silver for a sophisticated look. Their ceremony that was scheduled to take place outside was forced to move indoors due to rain, which resulted in a more intimate atmosphere. Guests were still able to wander the grounds during cocktail hour and follow a tour guide who described the property and the background of the mansion. As a result of the rain, a bright rainbow sprouted on Stephanie and Jay’s wedding day, an unforgettable detail captured in their photographs.