An England Meets Texas-Themed Wedding at The Sam Houston Hotel in Houston, Texas

Crystal Randgaard (30 and a principal buyer) and Kevin Ayres (31 and a project controls analyst) shared their first date in London on April 23, and have kept a tradition of a date night on the 23rd of each month since. Years later, after a couple of months of delaying their date night, they arranged a special date night stay at a local boutique hotel. When the next morning arrived and Crystal was collecting the last items from their room, Kevin mentioned that there was one thing she left behind. He had waited until the next morning to propose so that they would be engaged on the 23rd! Since the couple met while living in London and moved to Texas three years later, it seemed natural to utilize the rich cultures from both places in an England meets Texas-themed wedding. Rather than going for the traditional red, white and blue that represents both England and Texas, the couple selected a color palette of red with varying shades of gray. “Our favorite memory of the wedding day was how wonderful it was seeing all of our guests from around the world together in one place and to share such a special day with all of them,” says Crystal.