An Ethereal Greenhouse Wedding at Possum Run Greenhouse in Bellville, Ohio

Amy Crandall (32 and a health and fitness coach) and Alex White (33 and a sports performance coach) used the natural surroundings of a local greenhouse to bring their vision of a bohemian-elegant fete to life.The greenhouse, which boasts lush hanging plants, was styled with Tuscan tables, candlelit terrariums and handcrafted dream catchers for an ethereal experience. 

“We wanted it to be a magical night no one would forget,” Amy says. Guests were greeted with handmade flower pins to wear during the reception, and they were later treated to a homemade dessert spread, which featured Amy’s grandmother’s Italian cookies and Alex’s mother’s cherry and pecan pies. In lieu of a guest book, party goers were asked to sign a love seat that the bride’s father crafted with wood from her late grandfather’s shop. 

“The guests left us well wishes that we promised to reminisce over,” Amy says. The evening was full of surprises, starting with Alex serenading the crowd. Later, he and his friends performed a choreographed routine to Boyz II Men’s “Motownphilly,” and when the venue experienced a brief power outage, he led an impromptu dance lesson. “He acted like it was part of the plan,” Amy says.