An Ethereal Rooftop Wedding at Hudson Hotel in New York, New York

Even though Erin Fogel (33 and a TV and film producer and owner of House of Jai Yoga) and Shahar Fridman (39 and an advertising senior director) lived a block away from each other in New York City, they got together on When they planned their nuptials four years later, the proud New Yorkers were determined to highlight the city where they met and fell in love. Erin and Shahar outfitted their rooftop affair in dreamy neutrals, to let the skyline's vibrant colors take center stage. Dahlias in muted shades of ivory and blush served as the focal point of the decor. "Dahlias are so simple yet deep in their texture and inherently carry an essence of drama," Erin says. "We included them all around the rooms, floating like little swans, and weaved in garden roses for the bouquets and boutonnieres." Since fashion is one of Erin's favorite pastimes, she knew she didn't want a classic gown. Instead, she went with the less-is-more approach, with a showstopping minidress—something with texture and movement. Unable to find the dress of her dreams, Erin turned to her stylist and close friend, Lexi Dennis, to make her custom, strapless mini with flirty tulle accents. Erin loved the finished product so much, she plans to wear the dress again someday. —Meghan Overdeep