An Indoor Wedding in Atlanta, GA

Jennifer and Matt spent their first year of law school in class together, but it took a school-sponsored karaoke party to break the ice. They played Photo Hunt (a touch screen video game) for most of the night, and as Matt was leaving, he kissed Jennifer on the forehead. “We started dating after that,” says Jennifer. The proposal happened four and a half years later, during a 4th of July trip to Virginia. The Bride Jennifer Collins, 27, an attorney The Groom Matt Walker, 34, also an attorney The Date June 13 Jennifer packed their bags the day before, so Matt couldn’t stash the ring in the carry-on like he had planned. “He considered putting it back in its hiding spot until we returned home, but thankfully he decided to go ahead and propose,” says Jennifer. She was already sitting in the car when Matt walked up to her door, got down on both knees and popped the question. “I don’t remember much of what he said, but I said yes.” A year later, the two were married in an elegant indoor wedding with a metallic gold and silver color scheme.