An Intimate Cliffside Wedding at Point 16 in Big Sur, California

Foggy conditions created a mystical atmosphere among the mountains of Big Sur, where Allie Wright and Alex Blake wed. The couple didn’t set a theme, choosing instead to let the location’s natural beauty speak for itself. “We love how the mountains dramatically meet the sea in Big Sur,” Allie says. “I wanted it to feel very natural and fitting with our surroundings.” The ceremony took place on a cliff overlooking the ocean, where a flower arch framed the couple, complementing the leaves, gardenias, lavender and lemons used elsewhere in the décor. At the nearby cocktail hour and reception, string lights, candles and a raging bonfire broke up the heavy clouds. “The fog actually worked to our advantage, as all the glowing candles and lights were intensified and illuminated by the fog,” Allie says. “We also chose to have a lounge tent with air furnaces. We had couches, rugs, pillows, blankets, candles and a bar in the tent—it was great for family with babies and our grandparents to relax and keep cozy.” On the dining tables, garlands of greenery and wood table numbers were illuminated by the overhead lighting. Fruit and flowers made a fitting appearance on the naked wedding cake, which was dusted in powdered sugar and covered in figs, berries and white roses.
Our favorite #MakeTradition Moment: “I did a ‘reveal’ to my bridesmaids and my dad once I had put my dress on to complete my look, and the photo of my dad seeing me in my dress for the first time is one I will treasure forever,” the bride says.