An Intimate Destination Wedding at Cha Bella Savannah, Georgia

Even though high school sweethearts Megan Sullivan (29 and a graphic designer) and Ronald (Ron) Sundquist (30 and a wire transfer specialist) had never been to Savannah, Georgia, they decided it would be the perfect spot to rent a historic home that could accommodate 16 of their friends and family for their wedding weekend. "This was a fun way for us to explore a new area, and we could enjoy what was happening without having the stress of a large event that we couldn’t control and manage ourselves," says Megan. It happened to be a coincidence that Megan's Sarah Seven dress was called "Southern Comfort," but it was another special touch that added to their personal day. For his ensemble, Ron wanted a look that expressed his personality and decided on a less traditional suit from J.Crew. A navy gingham shirt was paired with the heathered navy suit along with an orange knit tie and arrow tie bar. The couple decided on a color palette of mint, orange and gold based off the dress, flowers and announcements that Megan designed. "I let those items really dictate where the colors would go and I found it to be a more natural flow to the end result instead of trying to force it from the beginning," says Megan. Following their intimate ceremony, Megan and Ron hosted a small farm-to-table dinner at Cha Bella complete with a pistachio cake shipped from Momofuku Milk Bar in New York. "We personally loved having a small wedding -- it was so nice to have a wedding where only your closest friends and family are there to share in the moment," says Megan. “For us it made the event even more special because there wasn’t this judgment or expectation to create something for everyone else and break the bank."