An Intimate Destination Wedding at Heimaey Stave Church in Vestmannaeyjar, Heimaey, Iceland

Brooke Jacobson and Patrick George whisked their closest family and friends off to Iceland for a one-of-a-kind celebration that paid tribute to the country’s striking natural scenery. “Iceland is one of the most unique and incredible places I have ever been to and was also the shortest flight for our guests. I loved that anyone who came to the wedding would have an unforgettable adventure,” Brooke says. The pair tied the knot in a quaint wood Viking church on the volcanic rock island of Heimaey—the very spot Brooke’s ancestors were from. Hundreds of candles filled the simple structure (the church had no electricity!), bathing the couple in warm, golden light as they exchanged vows. For a subtle decorative touch, Brooke and Pat added wreaths and garlands of lush greenery to the front door and throughout the church. As a nod to the locale, the programs featured Icelandic words, local musicians filled the evening with upbeat tunes, and the flower girls wore Nordic-style dresses, boots and flower crowns. For her down-the-aisle duds, Brooke even donned lace-up boots and a fur wrap. “Don’t do something just because it’s tradition or because you feel like you have to for your family. This is your day, your way. When I announced I wanted to get married in Iceland, there were so many people telling me that it was a bad idea. But this was my memory—and if I could go back, I would do it all again,” Brooke says.