An Intimate Glamorous Wedding at Piccino Cafe in San Francisco, California

Co-owners of a small web design and development firm, Raeanne Young (31) and Colin Makins Sagan (33) met on the job at their small studio. They immediately bonded over their shared love of coffee and sports, going on fun and exciting dates to compete in games of pick-up volleyball. Their laid back personalities showed through dates to play pick-up volleyball while they continued to work hard together in business. On a trip to Lake Tahoe, the couple went hiking on one of Colin's favorite childhood trails where, growing up, he would never have imagined this being the trail where he would propose. Colin's mother had opened her own restaurant 10 years earlier and there was no better venue for the couple to hold their ceremony and reception. The bride and groom were able to share their intimate reception with the closest members of their community along with their friends and family. They loved the charm and comforting feeling of the venue and luckily, the co-owner was also an incredibly talented florist! The table decor was kept light and simple with small flowers on the tables to blend with the already existing character of the restaurant. The talented in-house chef served guests seasonal dishes along with a few of the bride and grooms favorites. After dinner, guests were taken to a tent outside to be served ice cream while the dinner area was completely flipped into a dance floor! The wedding favors were created with help from the bride and grooms fathers who are both in the coffee business, handing out ceramic demitasse cups and custom made roasted coffee beans. The day was not only for the bride and groom, but for their guests as well, making everyone feel welcomed into their family.