An Intimate, Industrial Wedding at Plaza Del Toro in Portland, Oregon

Andrea Tichy and Daniel Muck hosted a modern-industrial wedding at Plaza Del Toro in Portland, Oregon. The informal ceremony included heartfelt vows, signing of the marriage certificate and readings by friends. Everyone erupted in applause after the first kiss, before heading to an intimate restaurant reception for a Spanish-inspired feast. The 25 guests sat at one long wood table to indulge in salads, paella, oysters, steak and wine.  Simple menus hung on wood clipboards for all to see, while handcrafted decorations and centerpieces of peonies (representing the flowers from the couple’s first apartment) elevated the modern space. Guests also signed a personalized guest book, admired a vintage record collection and received sea salt in a jar.

Our favorite #MakeTradition Moment: After dinner, the photographer stole Dan and Andrea away for a golden hour portrait session, capturing “their happy wedding afterglow.”