An Intimate, Natural Wedding at a Private Residence in Big Bear, California

The surrounding woodlands of Big Bear, California, served as inspiration for this intimate, natural wedding between Debora Barreto (32 and a photograp

The surrounding woodlands of Big Bear, California, served as inspiration for this intimate, natural wedding between Debora Barreto (32 and a photographer and graphic designer) and Sara Kinsky (38 and a nurse). "Big Bear has always been our weekend getaway since we met," the couple says. "We thought it would be perfect to have a winter weekend with our loved ones, so we rented a big house for five days and we had most of our guests stay with us there." The palette mirrored Mother Nature and its natural elements directly—brown from the wood of the trees, green from the pine trees and a touch of blue from the sky above. Although Debora wore a white sleeveless wedding dress accented with lace that didn't give away the season, the white fingerless wool gloves sure did. As part of the ceremony that took place on the deck, Debora and Sara painted all over a white canvas with their first-name initials and wedding date. Debora held a bouquet filled with pinecones and wheat accented with small blue flowers, which Sara paired with her pinecone boutonniere. The woodland environment even accented the indoor reception space with pinecones and branches arranged inside glass mason jars, placed on top of wooden slabs. Our favorite detail had to be the personalized blankets given out at the ceremony for guests to take home as wedding favors. "We had a personalized blanket made for each guest to stay warm during the ceremony, and afterward they could take the blanket home," the couple says.

Green Shoes and Pinecone Bouquet
To go along with the winter season, Debora wore a pair of white fingerless gloves made of wool. This accessory blended well with her white BCBG wedding dress, accented with lace on the front and back of the bodice.
The ceremony took place on the deck of a private house, which Debora and Sara rented for five days in Big Bear, California. Chairs faced the simple branch archway where Debora and Sara got married, each of which had a personalized blanket that guests wore to keep warm and also took home as a favor.
Sara wore an solid green bow tie over her light blue dress shirt that complemented the natural surrounding colors! A navy blue-patterned suit jacket that she wore over the entire ensemble had a pinecone boutonniere pinned to the lapel.
Sara held Debora's hands at the branch wedding arch during the ceremony, where she sported her navy blue jacket and emerald green pants that blended in with the outdoor elements.
The silver engagement ring and wedding rings exchanged at the ceremony rested on top of a brown pinecone; many pinecones were used for the bouquets and boutonnieres.
As part of the outdoor ceremony, Debora and Sara painted over a white canvas with a brown heart around their first initials and date.
Friends and family members draped natural-colored blankets with plaid patterns over their shoulders to keep warm during the outdoor ceremony. They kept these personalized blankets as wedding favors.
The reception took place in the downstairs area of the rented house, where glass mason jars filled with branches decorated dining table surfaces, surrounded by pinecones and candles.
Iced Cupcake With Green Topper
Debora made her own flower crown using pine needles and wheat that she wore throughout the wedding day, adding a bohemian vibe to her outfit.