An Intimate Outdoor Wedding at Timberwolf Creek in Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Sarah Singleton, 31, a scientist and Daniel Petersen, 33, a global strategy manager, met online and immediately hit it off. After 11 months of dating, Daniel decided to propose, getting Sarah's whole family in on the secret. Watching the sun set over Lake Michigan after a long day of hiking, Daniel popped the question with a custom-designed engagement ring and Sarah happily accepted. When they returned home that night, Sarah's whole family was there to celebrate the occasion. Daniel even proposed to Sarah's six-year-old daughter, Bailey, asking to be her step-father and presenting her with a necklace he had designed to match Sarah's ring.The couple started planning a lavish destination wedding for all of their family and friends, but quickly realized that an over-the-top wedding — and all the work that went along with it — just wasn't their style. Sarah and Daniel decided to do a bit of downsizing, settling on an intimate elopement in the mountains. "We really just wanted the day to be simple and focused on what was really important — the union of our family," says Sarah. They packed up their car and hit the road with Bailey and their 12-year-old dog Kenzie, driving from Indiana all the the way to Maggie Valley, North Carolina for a few relaxing days of bonding, enjoying each other's company and exploring the great outdoors. The couple tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony at Timberwolf Creek, surrounded by lush forests and breathtaking mountain views. "It's not for everyone," says Sarah, "but for us, being able to focus on each other and our daughter on such a special day was just perfect."