An Intimate Pajama Party Wedding at Rainbow Ranch in Big Sky, Montana

Amy Graybeal (33 and a professional poker player) and Patrick Cronin (27 and a professional poker player) decided to toss tradition and have a pajama party for their wedding. “I’ve never been a wedding dreamer or pictured myself in a wedding dress with lots of people and all that," Amy says. "But this one idea kept coming to me in my dreams -- a pajama wedding! We both work from home and wear pj's around the house, so I just thought it was such a perfect fit for us. Comfort and honesty. This is me, the real me, wanting to marry you, the real, everyday you! All our guests wore cute cotton pj's, and we spiffed it up in silks.” The couple kept their day super intimate by only inviting their immediate families (10 guests in total) who sat in a circle around the couple as they exchanged vows. Patrick’s mother even officiated the wedding, which allowed them to make it even more personal. “During the ceremony we created a wedding box,” Amy says. “It was exquisitely engraved (from an Etsy vendor) with our names on the top and inside with the quote ‘I’ll never let you go.’ It held well-wishes and advice from our guests as well as our vows, which we wrote and signed." Adds the bride, "‘I’ll never let you go’ was kind of our central wedding vow. Early in our relationship Patrick accidentally said, ‘I’ll never let you go,’ while he was holding me. It wasn't intended to come out like it sounded (he only meant he wouldn't drop me), but it led to a funny, awkward pause and a good laugh -- and it's been our special saying ever since.” Afterward, they changed into more traditional attire and had their reception at the Rainbow Ranch Wine Cellar, which was decorated with rustic DIY details such as burlap, wood and terrariums. See all of our favorite details, beautifully captured by Lauren Brown Photography, below.