An Intimate Studio Wedding at BurkleHagen Food Photography Studio in Cleveland, Ohio

Ramat Chapmon (32 and a culinary school graduate) and McKinley Wiley (34 and a photographer) met at a local poetry spot. They celebrated their intimate wedding ceremony at a venue that suited their personalities: BurkleHagen Food Photography Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. Ramat selected the venue for sentimental reasons. “This is a place where we’ve built a relationship with the staff and owners,” she says, adding that it’s “near and dear to my heart.” The venue combined Ramat’s opportunity to learn more about the culinary field with McKinley’s love of photography (the studio is used for food-styling photo shoots). “Food and photography—two things we're both passionate about,” she says. Their laid-back celebration was filled with DIY elements and meaningful touches. “Family and friends started making their way in, and immediately you could feel the love,” photographer Kamron Khan says. “You could just sense this was going to be something special.” —Chrissy Sorenson