An Intimate Tented Wedding at Merrimon-Wynne House in Raleigh, North Carolina

Although they attended the same university, had the same major and even took the same classes, Miriam Williamson (27 and an account executive) and Gordon Paulson (28 and an account manager) didn't meet until they got jobs at the same company. The duo threw an intimate soiree under a cozy chandelier-lit tent on the grounds of Merrimon-Wynne House in Raleigh, North Carolina. Although the couple planned an alfresco ceremony and reception, Hurricane Joaquin called for some last-minute adjustments. “I’m so happy it did rain; otherwise, we might not have had that feeling of intimacy and romance the candlelight and rain added,” Miriam says. Basing the color palette on the dozens of succulents spotted in each floral arrangement, Miriam focused on incorporating blue, gunmetal, ivory, burgundy and blush decor accents into their design. As a sentimental touch, the bride’s mother cut lace from her own wedding dress to create a pouch for Miriam’s bouquet to carry a bolo tie slide and a tie clip belonging to the bride’s late grandfathers. For the ceremony, Miriam's parents acquired a set of antique wood doors that resulted in an incredible backdrop draped with greenery and hanging crystal  votives. As a nod to the couple's Southern roots, guests sipped on the couple’s favorite craft beer and tasted barbecue from North Carolina and Memphis, Tennessee. A hilarious hashtag even developed at the end of the night, as guests made the best out of a wedding weekend nearly ruined by a hurricane: #JoaquinDowntheAisle. Juliette Cheatham