An Intimate, Urban-Chic Wedding at the Morning Glory Inn in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

                    With only two months to plan their wedding, Megan Meyers (29 and an interior designer) and Wade Conceicao (29 and a senior IT sp

With only two months to plan their wedding, Megan Meyers (29 and an interior designer) and Wade Conceicao (29 and a senior IT specialist) had to think fast. But with plenty of design experience under her belt, Megan was confident they could plan an unforgettable affair that perfectly captured their personal style, from the venue and food to their chic, modern attire. The Morning Glory Inn in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Megan’s hometown, hosted to the intimate event, offering a quaint urban backdrop for the couple to celebrate with family and friends. “I grew up in Pittsburgh, and while I was happy to have the event in my hometown, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a location everyone had been to a million times,” Megan says. “Plus, the garden appeal and low-key setting were perfect for our personal style.” The evening kicked off with a late-afternoon ceremony in the garden, in which Megan and Wade exchanged heartfelt vows they had written themselves. “Rev. Renee Waun was amazing,” Megan says. “She made everyone familiar with our love story, and there was not a dry eye in the place.” The festivities continued with a cocktail-style reception in the garden, where Fish Hawk Acres tempted guests’ taste buds with a delectable mix of spring and Southern-inspired fare, a nod to the season and Wade’s Oklahoma roots. Instead of hiring a band, Megan and Wade made a playlist of their favorite dance music, a simple detail that gave the reception a touch of personal flair. “Music is something that we both love, so spending time creating this was really fun,” Megan says. A tip from Megan and Wade: “Randi Voss, our photographer, is someone I recommended before my own wedding. We worked together before she became a full-time photographer and she did my sister’s wedding, my cousin’s wedding and the weddings of a number of friends as well. She really understands what the bride and groom want and she doesn’t make herself known the majority of the night, which makes for amazing candids. She is friendly, talented and professional. I just can’t say enough!”

Despite having a short time to put together a wedding, Megan and Wade ensured their wedding day was packed with plenty of personality and charm. With a background in interior design (which includes experience working with wedding-planning pro Colin Cowie), a clear vision and plenty of supportive friends and family members, the couple had no doubt they could plan the entire affair on their own. Choosing a venue proved to be an easy feat; Megan had attended a wedding at the Morning Glory Inn in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Megan’s hometown, a few years before and loved its intimate, low-key feel. “It was perfect for our personal style,” Megan says. “They just so happened to have an amazing date in the spring, so we went for it. Everything else really fell into place from there, which really made us feel like it was all meant to be.”
Rustic Chalkboard Bar Signs
Megan went for a simple, modern bridal look to suit her personal style, accessorizing her skirt and crop-top ensemble with statement crystal stud earrings, a thin diamond necklace and decorative birdcage hairpiece with a tulle flower detail. “One of my best friends happens to be an amazing hair stylist, so I was lucky that I didn’t have to stress over this part of my look,” Megan says. “I knew I wanted it all back; she really did the rest. As for makeup, I just wanted it natural and pretty.”
Megan and Wade looked to the Morning Glory Inn in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and their laid-back personalities for inspiration when making all the wedding’s design decisions. As a nod to the garden in which both the ceremony and reception took place, a subtle garden theme was woven throughout the evening. The palette, rich in shades of green, gray, pink and ivory, was drawn from the venue itself and Bella Floral Shoppe’s arrangements of succulents, wild greenery, Savannah roses and ranunculus captured the wild, romantic feel of an English garden. “The funniest part of my wedding is that although I am a designer and love tabletop decor, I didn’t decorate the tables because we didn’t have reserved seating,” Megan says. “We just placed some votives and flowers on the venue’s bistro tables.”
Morning Glory Inn Intimate Garden Ceremony
Knot-Tying Ceremony at Morning Glory Inn
The ceremony took place in the garden at 5 p.m., with Megan and Wade exchanging vows under a quaint wrought-iron arch surrounded by lush greenery. The couple worked with Rev. Renee Waun to give the ceremony personal flair, including elements that told the story of their relationship, as well as a knot-trying ceremony that symbolized their bond.
Continuing the theme of her own bridal look, Megan chose a simple, modern style for both of her bridesmaids. “I really left it up to them,” Megan says. “They knew my idea for the wedding and I told them that a green dress would work beautifully with the venue, so we went with a simple, green backless dress from Club Monaco.” To tie their two looks together, she styled the bridesmaids with classic Kate Spade stud earrings and handcrafted gold belts to play up the gold in her own floral brocade skirt.
While many would consider a long engagement preferable for wedding planning, Megan and Wade found a short engagement to be helpful when it came to making quick decisions. “While two months between engagement and marriage is probably not enough time, I really suggest a short engagement,” Megan says. “The less time you have to mull over the decisions, the easier it is to make one and you tend to go with what is most important.”
With temperatures being a bit on the chilly side in April, Megan knew she needed a stylish topper to wear over her modern two-piece bridal ensemble. A good friend lent her a white leather jacket for the evening to layer over her gold brocade skirt and ivory crop top, giving the getup a chic, urban edge. “The moto jacket felt exactly my style, so I wasn’t upset that I had to wear it more than expected that evening,” Megan says.
Fish Hawk Acres helped Megan and Wade create a custom menu for their wedding that appealed to a variety of palates. “It was a little bit of everything,” Megan says. “We had some spring-inspired items like roasted hens, whole roasted salmon, asparagus and greens, as well as Southern-inspired dishes since Wade is from Oklahoma.” Megan is not a big fan of cake, so the couple offered guests a variety of decadent desserts to enjoy after dinner, including strawberry shortcake, mocha tart and lemon-blueberry cheesecake. They did have a small chocolate peanut butter cake made for the traditional cake cutting, which they topped with the Megan’s grandparents’ cake topper. “They have been married for 64 years, so we are hoping that it brings us the same longevity,” Megan says.
Instead of hiring a DJ to get the party going, Megan and Wade took the evening’s musical selections into their own hands. The couple made a playlist of all their favorite dance music and selected Bob Marley’s “Turn Your Lights Down Low” for the traditional first dance.