An Intimate, Urban-Chic Wedding at the Morning Glory Inn in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

With only two months to plan their wedding, Megan Meyers (29 and an interior designer) and Wade Conceicao (29 and a senior IT specialist) had to think fast. But with plenty of design experience under her belt, Megan was confident they could plan an unforgettable affair that perfectly captured their personal style, from the venue and food to their chic, modern attire. The Morning Glory Inn in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Megan’s hometown, hosted to the intimate event, offering a quaint urban backdrop for the couple to celebrate with family and friends. “I grew up in Pittsburgh, and while I was happy to have the event in my hometown, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a location everyone had been to a million times,” Megan says. “Plus, the garden appeal and low-key setting were perfect for our personal style.” The evening kicked off with a late-afternoon ceremony in the garden, in which Megan and Wade exchanged heartfelt vows they had written themselves. “Rev. Renee Waun was amazing,” Megan says. “She made everyone familiar with our love story, and there was not a dry eye in the place.” The festivities continued with a cocktail-style reception in the garden, where Fish Hawk Acres tempted guests’ taste buds with a delectable mix of spring and Southern-inspired fare, a nod to the season and Wade’s Oklahoma roots. Instead of hiring a band, Megan and Wade made a playlist of their favorite dance music, a simple detail that gave the reception a touch of personal flair. “Music is something that we both love, so spending time creating this was really fun,” Megan says. A tip from Megan and Wade: “Randi Voss, our photographer, is someone I recommended before my own wedding. We worked together before she became a full-time photographer and she did my sister’s wedding, my cousin’s wedding and the weddings of a number of friends as well. She really understands what the bride and groom want and she doesn’t make herself known the majority of the night, which makes for amazing candids. She is friendly, talented and professional. I just can’t say enough!”