An Intimate, Vintage Wedding at Muriel's Jackson Square Bistro in New Orleans, Louisiana

Amber Scheer (37 and an office manager) and Tyler Scheer (33 and a carpenter) love to travel, so they opted for a destination wedding in New Orleans, Louisiana. “We were there before and loved it,” Amber says. “We immediately decided it was the perfect place for our wedding.” They completely embraced the city's culture. The day started with a ceremony in front of  the St. Louis Cathedral, followed by a reception at Muriel's Jackson Square Bistro. Amber's bouquet of vintage cabinet knobs even had a fleur-de-lis accent. If that weren't enough, their wedding cake was baked by Sucre and featured tiers of specialty macarons stacked over the single-tier confection. Of course, they also had a traditional second line at the end. “We had been to so many evening weddings that always seemed to end too quickly," Amber says. "We wanted to make our wedding an all-day affair and spend as much time with our family and friends as possible.” Everyone followed the Kinfolk Brass Band waving handkerchiefs and parading through the streets of the French Quarter. Their march went all the way to their after-party in Loa Lounge in the International House Hotel. Check out every detail, shot by Amanda Hodges Weir Photography, below.