An Intimate Waterfront Wedding at Carmel Beach in Carmel, California

Carol Reiley (31, a surgical roboticist) and Andrew Ng (37, a professor) met at a robotics conference in Kobe, Japan and instantly felt the attraction between each other. Although the connection was there, it wasn't until three years later that they met up for coffee, explored their relationship further and fell in love. For their wedding, the couple rented out two large houses in Carmel, California, one on the coast and one inland in Carmel Valley to have their ceremony at. The wedding ceremony took place on the cliffs overlooking the beach, creating a small intimate family gathering ?for the occasion. After the vows were made, the wedding was moved indoors to one of the rented houses for the cake cutting, and finally the reception took place at a french restaurant. "We're all about family, so the whole weekend was dedicated to getting the families to know each other better," says Carol. "This was the first time they had met, and we had a lot of activities and cooked together as well. Before the wedding, I collected the first dance songs of my wonderful friends from their wedding. We played that music throughout the wedding so they would be included as well."