An Intimate Wedding at St. Mark's Chapel in Mordecai Historic Park in Raleigh, North Carolina

On a typical (hectic) weeknight, Matthew Thomas (39 and a territory business manager) surprised Tricia Welch (35 and a teacher) with an engagement ring while they were getting his two daughters ready for bed. "We were waiting for them to finish showering and were laying down watching TV when Matthew turned to me and asked me to marry him," says Tricia. "He used to say this all the time, and my response would always be 'Yes...when you have a ring!' But this time Matthew slipped [on] a ring as we were snuggled in bed, and I immediately sat up -- you can't even imagine my emotions!" Less than a year later, the couple exchanged vows in their hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, at St. Mark's Chapel at Mordecai Historic Park. "There is something special to me about historical places," says Tricia. "They each have a story, and I wanted to be a part of this chapel's story!" Because it was an intimate family affair, only Matthew's two girls stood by as they said “I do.” Matthew's eldest daughter's dress was the inspiration for their vibrant blue and green color palette. Tricia showed her florist a picture of the getup and asked for colorful local blooms that popped against the rich jewel tone. The bride's mother designed all of the paper goods and drew inspiration from Tricia's dress as well as the charming chapel. Instead of planning around a specific theme, the couple's goal for the wedding was to be present and in the moment to embrace this special time. Guests were invited to a dinner celebration after the simple ceremony at 18 Seaboard, where they enjoyed a creative menu of local ingredients. "I'm not one to enjoy being the center of attention, so we decided to have a small, intimate ceremony with a good dinner to follow," says Tricia.