An Intimate Winter Wedding at Oak at Fourteenth in Boulder, Colorado

Jeni Moeller (31 and works in sales and marketing) and Ethan Bullock (31 and a real estate broker) met while working together in New York. Ethan proposed in their kitchen on a Sunday as they were about to head out to watch a football game with friends. “I hadn't showered, and was wearing a New York Giants jersey,” Jeni says. “It wasn't exactly a fairy tale, but it was perfectly us.” Jeni and Ethan had what they lovingly called a "chaperoned elopement.” Only their families and best friend knew they were getting married. They had a very small ceremony outside before having dinner at Oak at Fourteenth. They then had an intimate first dance at Pearl Street Mall under the stars while their friend played ‘Moon Dance’ by Van Morrison on the guitar. The finished the evening at Hotel Boulderado for a Great Gatsby-themed New Year’s party where they rang in the new year with their families and very surprised friends. “It was a care-free event full of love,” Jeni says.