An Intimate Winter Wedding at the Ice Castles in Dillon, Colorado

Only immediate family attended Jaley Meibos and Aaron Weinheimer's intimate winter wedding at the Ice Castles in Dillon, Colorado. "It's actually funny because I was totally the type of girl who had a huge Pinterest board dedicated to her dream wedding," Jaley says, "but we ended up going for an elopement-style ceremony with an intimate dinner afterward with our immediate families." The couple exchanged vows privately in the mountains with only their mothers as witnesses. "I will always remember how freezing my hands were, thinking they'd be perpetually stuck to my bouquet," Jaley jokes, referring to her white flower arrangement of roses and dahlias. Postceremony 16 family members enjoyed an intimate dinner party with white furniture, artificial Christmas trees and string lights. Friends provided decorations for the two farm tables, which were arranged in the shape of a T and covered with candles and greenery. For dessert, the couple set out platters of doughnuts, as well as a naked wedding cake on a showstopping jeweled stand. 
Our favorite #MakeTradition Moment: "At the reception, the couple's tallest Christmas tree was topped with a tumbleweed. "This was given as a gag Christmas gift to my great grandmother by her son, my grandpa, over 50 years ago," Jaley says. "She was sentimental and kept it in her basement. I remember seeing the tumbleweed when I'd visit her as a little girl. After she passed away, my mom was gifted the tumbleweed."