An Orange and Blue Wedding in Seattle, WA

If it wasn’t for Nikki’s sister and Michael’s brother’s wedding, the two probably never would have met and fallen in love. They first met at a family gathering before her sister and his brother were married. “I thought Michael was incredibly handsome but considering the circumstances, didn’t let my mind wander too much,” Nikki says. The two reunited a year later on St. Patrick’s Day and, after admitting a shared affection, started dating. They kept it on the down-low at first but after their siblings were married, dated openly. Six months later, Michael proposed. The Bride Nikki Larson, 24, fourth grade teacher The Groom Michael Calkins, 28, tennis pro The Date September 8 The two had decided to take a long weekend vacation to Whistler over Valentine’s Day weekend and the plan was to go with her sister and his brother. When their siblings called and said they’d be a day late, Nikki was disappointed. Going ahead with their plans, Michael suggested they do a special dinner anyway. A chauffer picked up the two at their lodge and drove them to the top of Blackcomb in Whistler for a dinner. Halfway through dinner, the two stepped outside on the patio and Michael proposed. To Nikki’s surprise, her entire family arrived the next day to celebrate the engagement weekend.