An Organic DIY Vineyard Wedding at Crane Creek Vineyards in Young Harris, Georgia

When Cory, 28, was placed in the cubical next to Jason, 32, they became close work friends. After spending over a year and a half sitting next to each other for over eight hours a day, their friendship turned into something much more and Jason surprised Cory with an engagement ring during a quiet wine night by the fire. ?The couple looked for a wedding venue that was more than just a pretty space, but one that would honor the memory of Cory's late father. "My father had passed away earlier in the year and during his illness, Crane Creek Vineyards became a place for my family to get away from it all—a gorgeous little haven—and it also held some great memories of spending time with my dad there," says Cory. A spiced wine and green color palette completed the vineyard locale and DIY touches added a personal feel. Cory and her sister made all of the bridal party bouquets the day before the wedding and incorporated various flowers from their garden. The rustic blooms included lilies, roses, hydrangeas, golden rod, ivy and magnolia leaves. "My mom and my sister made my bouquet on their own and they surprised me by having my parents' wedding rings attached to the base for my something borrowed!" says Cory. "That extra special little touch, along with knowing that it had been made with such care and love, made me so proud to carry it down the aisle!"