An Organic, Elegant Art Deco-Inspired Wedding at the Residence Inn in Cincinnati, Ohio

Brittani Ealy (28 and a licensed cosmetologist) and Erikka Gray (36 and a manager/entrepreneur) met on social media while living far apart. At the time, Brittani was living in Maryland and Erikka was in Ohio, so their first date had to wait until they were both in Kentucky for Brittani’s graduation. They hit it off at Bar Louie's “and closed the place down,” Brittani says. Their chemistry was unmistakable. For the next year, they dated long-distance until Brittani moved home to Ohio, and not long after, they got engaged when Erikka proposed during a surprise engagement party. Their wedding was a perfect combination of their skill sets—Brittani’s creative/crafty side for decor ideas—including combining Brittani's and Erikka’s initials, “BE,” and an art deco hexagon/honeycomb beehive theme—and Brittani’s organization and planning to fine-tune the details. The Ault Park Rose Garden was the perfect ceremony spot, requiring no additional decor, thanks to the beauty of the perennial gardens and arbor-covered area. Also appealing was their two-aisle ceremony, giving each bride her shining moment. Before exchanging handwritten vows, Brittani and Erikka took part in a hand-washing unity ceremony, signifying the washing away of past failures and mistakes for a fresh start into their marriage. After the wedding their 75 guests moved to the Residence Inn for the reception, where a wall-cover tapestry of gold hexagons served as the backdrop during a delicious buffet dinner (complete with crab cakes); a cake carried the hexagon pattern and blue, gold and ivory colors, and favors were custom candles with a signature wedding scent of grapefruit and sage. For a magical end to a magical evening, the dance took place on the roof, with breathtaking views of Cincinnati. —Chrissy Sorenson