An Organic, Minimalist Wedding at Country Pines in Lincoln, Nebraska

Rachel and Sam Placzek used a palette of muted earth tones and understated modern touches to pull off their organic, bohemian wedding at Country Pines in Lincoln, Nebraska. “The outdoor patio and lush ceremony area gave us a really amazing canvas to add our personal touch,” Rachel says. To keep the décor from venturing too far into rustic territory, the couple incorporated simple, modern touches such as sleek black wooden chairs, white dinnerware and brightly colored illustrations. The flower arrangements had a heavy greenery focus, featuring ferns, succulents and herbs for a fresh, earthy feel. Family and friends lent their time and talent to bring a one-of-a-kind element to the décor, from graphic design and calligraphy to floral arranging and making desserts. The couple commissioned a close friend and artist to do four miniature drawings of them, one in each season. The spring drawings were used for save-the-dates, summer drawings for rehearsal dinner invites, fall drawings for the invitations and winter drawings for thank-you notes. “We have the originals hanging in our house, and they’re our favorite thing,” Rachel says. Music was a top priority for setting the right tone for the day. “We were intentional about the music during the ceremony. There was definitely a narrative arc to all the song selections,” Sam says. “We also curated playlists for dinner and the reception, and worked with an awesome DJ who filled in all the right gaps.” At the end of the night, the sky opened up and it began to rain—and right on cue, Prince’s “Purple Rain” began to play, with guests belting out all the words.