An Organic, Rustic-Themed Backyard Wedding at a Private Residence in Los Angeles, California

With a newly purchased home and a landscaping project on their hands, this couple decided to hold a wedding in their own backyard, so it could be tran

With a newly purchased home and a landscaping project on their hands, this couple decided to hold a wedding in their own backyard, so it could be transformed into anything they desired. Emily Golan and Chris Silver envisioned what they called an “urban eco-rustic” wedding, which was born from Chris’s love for a rustic bar he discovered in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Emily’s passion for promoting sustainability. The couple worked with elements that already existed in the backyard, such as green succulents, wine barrels, a fence and ambient amber lighting, and relandscaped the rest of the space with mulch that created a maximum amount of space for the ceremony and reception, as seen through images captured by Hannah Arista Photography. The aisle and surrounding pathways were created by the organic arrangements of mulch, which led to the white and blue chuppah where the couple were married. After the ketubah was signed and the Jewish ceremony was conducted, the space was transformed for the reception, made up of rustic wooden tables with simple centerpieces of succulents and candles, thanks to the assistance of Modern LA Weddings. The newlyweds reentered the backyard for the reception, this time accompanied by mariachi band members who played music half the night. Champagne and brunch were served from their favorite bagel shop, including fresh bagels, lox and cream cheese with capers and lemons. We loved how the couple incorporated the Jewish traditions into the ceremony, especially their spin on the chuppah. "Instead of erecting a standing structure for the ceremony, we enlisted close family members to each hold one of the four poles that held the Jewish prayer shawl over their heads and created the chuppah,” the couple says.

Classic Gold Wedding Rings
Emily wore an ivory wedding dress with a deep V-neckline and green belt. "With the help of a good seamstress, I transformed my mom’s super-1970s dress to a style that I loved and that was personal to me," Emily says. "I didn’t have to waste resources on something I would wear only once, and at the same time created a new family heirloom."
Succulent accents throughout contributed to the rustic theme, including Emily's bridal bouquet, which was filled entirely with green succulents. The bouquet was tied at the bottom with burlap ribbon.
Emily and Chris were wrapped by the tallith during their Jewish ceremony, which took place under their white and blue chuppah. Instead of four poles holding up the Jewish prayer shawl, the couple chose four close family members to hold up the poles, incorporating loved ones into their ceremony.
Basket of Pashmina Scarves
Emily and Chris walked up the aisle after their Jewish wedding ceremony, with the tallith draped around Chris's shoulders. Emily wore a simple necklace and dangling earrings on the wedding day, which accented her ivory dress with a green-fabric flower belt.
Emily and Chris signed the ketubah before their outdoor ceremony, making them officially married. The ketubah was bordered by a brown-and-blue-tiled pattern that was encased in a white frame, which was on display for the rest of the day.
At the backyard reception, folding chairs were arranged around wooden tables, with simple decorations of succulents and candles. "For guest seating and tables, we brought in beautiful wooden wine barrels and vintage wooden tables," Emily says. "Market lights and steel heat lamps adorned the space, creating an uber-urban yet rustic atmosphere."
Fresh lox purchased from the couple's favorite bagel store was served on a platter, with lemons and capers in the middle. Bagels and cream cheese were also available for pairing, as well as several other brunch items and champagne.
Chris wore a boutonniere made up of a large green succulent surrounded by smaller succulents that were tied together and pinned to his light gray lapel on his suit. He wore a white collared shirt under his jacket with a simple black tie.
Live Reception Music by Mariachi Band
Gold Fabric Flower Hairpiece in Updo
An ice cream sandwich station was arranged at the reception, where guests could order their choice of cookies paired with their favorite ice cream, provided by Coolhaus.
The newly married couple leaned on one another underneath twinkling lights during the backyard reception. Chris changed his tie from black to orange for the reception, and Emily put on a cardigan over her ivory wedding dress.