An Outdoor Mountain Wedding at the Lower Lake Ranch in Pine, Colorado

Megan, 27, a contracts coordinator, and Adam, 26, an investments specialist, met when they started working at the same bank. After dating for a few ye

Megan, 27, a contracts coordinator, and Adam, 26, an investments specialist, met when they started working at the same bank. After dating for a few years, Adam surprised Megan with a weekend getaway to Disneyland. “As we were walking around the park, we walked by the caricature artists,” Megan says. “He mentioned that we should get ours drawn. It was pleasant as we chatted with the artist about our background and how Adam and I had met. The artist sat facing us, so neither Adam nor myself could see what she was drawing. After about an hour, I started getting a little bored, and noticed that a crowd had gathered around our picture, watching the artist draw. I remember thinking, ‘Why are all of these people watching us? She must be doing a really good job!’ The artist finally asked me if I was ready to see the drawing, and I excitedly replied yes. She slowly turned the drawing around and handed it to me, but instead of being a drawing of Adam and I simply sitting there, it was a drawing of Adam holding out a diamond ring to me with a talk bubble over his head asking, ‘Megan, will you marry me?’ My mind went into serious overdrive trying to comprehend what was happening. I turned to Adam and he was on one knee holding out the real ring with the biggest grin on his face. I started tearing up, of course, and said yes. It turns out Adam had planned the whole proposal out over phone and email with Disneyland and the caricature artist several weeks before we ever flew out to California.” Megan and Adam exchanged vows overlooking Colorado’s mountains at the Lower Lake Ranch. Their wedding was during the week of flooding, but the sun came through for their wedding. They followed with a rustic indoor reception. Using DIY details and vintage accents, the couple had a “them” wedding. “I opted to not limit myself by choosing colors or themes, and instead adopted the attitude, if we like it, then we'll do it, if we don't, then we won’t,” Megan says.

Megan and Adam in Pine, Colorado
Megan wanted an unconventional save-the-date, so she designed and assembled more than 100 of her own. “I made pop up save the dates that were one of my favorite elements of the wedding process,” she says. “I love supporting small independent businesses, which is how I found my hand-made vintage-inspired wedding invitations on Etsy.” Each invitation was wrapped in a paper lace doily.
Strappy Silver Wedding Shoes
Deck of Cards Wedding Gift
Megan carried hydrangeas, roses and ranunculuses in shades of blue, pink and purple. “I really don’t know much about flowers, but our florist was willing to take the time to draw several pictures based on my descriptions and took the time to work with me on bringing my vision to reality,” she says.
The bride purchased vintage desks from various owners around Denver to include in the decor. The programs were displayed in an antique whiskey box.
Vintage Whiskey Box Program Holder
Fun Blue and White Programs
Rustic Wooden Ceremony Sign
Megan and Adam loved the Lower Lake Ranch tucked into the mountains in Pine, Colorado. “We both love living in Colorado, and knew we wanted to have a mountain wedding that was still within a reasonable traveling distance of Denver,” Megan says. Lower Lake Ranch ended up being the perfect hidden gem.”
Hydrangea, Dusty Miller Aisle Decor
Dark Wood Ceremony Wedding Arch
Crystal Chandelier Ceremony Altar Decor
A Romantic Outdoor Ceremony in Colorado
During the ceremony, Megan and Adam released balloons with the names of their deceased grandparents attached to them. “Some balloons also had messages of well wishes for our marriage attached that our guests wrote,” Megan says. “It was a very moving moment for us and our guests.”
Megan and Adam First Kiss
Megan and Adam at the Lower Lake Ranch
Lower Lake Ranch in Pine, Colorado Venue
The couple filled little glass shooters with lemonade and blue punch for the escort cards.
A Rustic Reception at the Lower Lake Ranch
Hydrangea, Dusty Miller Centerpieces
Reception Game Entertainment
Metal Love Light Reception Sign
Megan and Adam enjoyed a three-tiered white wedding cake topped with fresh pink and white ranunculuses. Upon their request, the baker froster the cake using Megan’s mother’s homemade frosting recipe.
Megan and Adam enjoyed a chocolate wedding cake topped with chocolate-covered strawberries.
At the end of the night, each guest received a packaged cookie with the message, “Love is sweet—thank you for sharing out special day.”
Megan wore a vintage lace and satin strapless A-line wedding dress she bought from a consignment shop. “I love items with character and a history,” she says. “Although the dress had previously been worn somewhere in the world by another bride on her wedding day, it was like the dress was made just for me. Everyone was so shocked when they found out my dress was second hand, and I got so many compliments on how beautiful it looked.”