An Outdoor Vineyard Wedding at McLaughlin Vineyards in Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Alana Blot (28 and a real estate broker) and Neil Blot (29 and works in finance) met at a bar in New York City through mutual friends. Despite dating someone else at the time, Neil never stopped thinking about Alana. So when their paths crossed again a year later at a dive bar, Neil asked Alana to dance. Two years later, Neil proposed to Alana in the first home they shared together. After choosing an outdoor chic picnic theme, they knew McLaughlin Vineyards was the perfect fit for them. Even though they normally don't hold weddings at the vineyard, they were allowed to create their day to fit their unique style. The first unique touch of the wedding was that Neil and Alana decided not to have a wedding party. Instead, they asked their family members to wear any color blue they could find. Remaining true to their theme, they chose wildflowers, candle lit mason jars, moss bowls and strung lights to decorate the outdoor tent at the vineyard. Two special pieces they had were handmade cloth napkins made by a family friend and a print out of a poem that I wrote for Neil at each table setting. Neil and Alana served their guests wine with fruit and cheese platters. However, Neil's favorite additions to the reception was a full roasted pig for dinner with a variety of other organic meats and vegetables. "Our neighbor's band provided the live entertainment for the evening, and we even had an old school ice cream truck stop by for the reception," says Alana.