An Outdoor Wedding in Fort Lauderdale, FL

There have always been a fair amount of miles between Kaili and Jonathan. She was living in Florida and he in England when the two originally met in 2001 while working at a summer camp in Massachusetts. Kaili returned the following eight years though Jonathan did not -- but that didn’t stop them from getting life updates on the other. In August 2008, the two reunited for a mutual friend’s wedding. Sparks flew and, within a week, Jonathan was booking a Florida-bound flight to visit Kaili. They went back and forth for nine months until it was Kaili’s turn to visit in April 2009. The Bride Kaili Prince, 28, a fifth-grade science teacher The Groom Jonathan Duncan, 36, a social worker The Date October 31 After 18 hours of canceled flights and two re-routes, she arrived in Manchester to find Jonathan at the gate. He was holding a sign asking her (in French) to marry him -- and a ruby engagement ring, just like she wanted.