An Outdoor Wedding in Glen Allen, CA

The best friend of Alexis worked in the same lab as Sean, so the two would always run into each other. He had a crush on her and made the first move by walking Alexis to her car and kissing her on the cheek. Nearly three years later, the couple visited New York City for Alexis’ birthday. She had a nasty cold, so Sean struggled to find the perfect moment to propose. When a carriage ride in Central Park didn’t go as planned, he improvised. The Bride Alexis Ross, 27, a digital film restorer The Groom Sean Gallaher, 34, a post-doctoral researcher The Date July 26 That night, at the top of Rockefeller Center, Sean showed her a ring. Shocked, Alexis asked which finger it was for. When he pointed to her left hand, it finally clicked and she said yes!