An Outdoor Wedding in Lancaster, PA

At first, Yoko wasn’t attracted to Sean when they met while both studying jewelry and metals at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. It took Sean a while to work up the courage to start a conversation with Yoko; but once he did, minutes of talking turned into hours and soon Yoko was hooked. The two became inseparable. The Bride Yoko Tazaki, 26, a bench jeweler The Groom Sean McMullen, 29, a blacksmith The Date August 30 For their four-year anniversary, Sean took Yoko to the Japanese restaurant they often go for special occasions. When dinner arrived, Yoko spotted a tiny box on the sushi tray. The ring inside had been custom-made by the professor Yoko admires the most. Yoko immediately started crying as Sean knelt down on one knee and proposed.