An Outdoor Wedding in Los Olivos, CA

Seven years after Analise lost touch with her college rowing teammate, Roger, she ran into him at a party. After catching up, they occasionally met for lunch for the next couple of years -- that is until Roger worked up the courage to ask Analise out for dinner. They dated for another two years before Roger proposed. The Bride Analise Maggio, 32, writer and editor The Groom Roger Kjensrud, 36, Internet entrepreneur The Date November 15 One evening, he suggested they take a drive to pick up some wine for friends who were coming to visit. On the way, they passed the lake where they first met, and Roger drove down toward the water. Then the two got out of the car and started walking around. As the sun set, Roger asked Analise to marry him. They toasted their engagement with champage Roger had packed in the trunk of the car.