An Outdoor Wedding in Palm Springs, CA

While on a mission to Africa, Chantelle became friends with a friend of Scott. Chantelle and Scott met at dinners through their mutual friend, and eventually they went out on a date. The Bride Chantelle Skoretz, 35, an owner of an assisted living facility The Groom Scott Walker, 37, an emergency physician The Date April 18 Eleven months later, Chantelle and Scott had just bought their first house together. The day after the final papers were signed, they went by their new place. Scott had stopped by earlier and hung a banner that read, “Will you marry me, Chantelle?” in the garage. He proposed as soon as they walked in. The best part: Scott had secretly set up a camera to record everything. When they watched it, they realized they both looked and sounded much more nervous than they had felt.