An Outdoor Wedding in Sonoma, CA

Amy and John met on the steps of the Capitol building in Washington, DC, during a group photo (they were part of the same internship program through the University of California San Diego). Within the next few weeks, they started dating and made their relationship official soon after they returned to San Diego. The Bride Amy Neilan, 26, an attorney The Groom John Hargreaves, 28, a research and planning analyst The Date October 3 Almost three years later, while Amy and John were visiting John’s brother in New York City, they went to dinner at Perilla, owned by season one winner of Top Chef, Harold Dieterle. (They are foodies and fans of the show.) After a delicious meal, Amy argued with John to let her split the cost with him. She saw him put something in the little black folder, but she opened it to make sure he had included her card. Instead of finding plastic, she saw an engagement ring and John knelt down and proposed.