An Outdoor Wedding in Traverse City, MI

At a Parents’ Weekend brunch during their freshman year at University of Michigan, Kelly and Jeff didn’t say a word to each other. But their parents totally hit it off and talked the whole time! When Jeff saw Kelly a couple of weeks later at the local movie theater where he worked, he immediately remembered her and said hello. After a year-and-a-half of running into each other, Jeff finally worked up the courage to ask Kelly out to a movie. The Bride Kelly Edwards, 25, a graduate student The Groom Jeff Richardson, 26, a university events coordinator The Date August 15 Four years later, Jeff proposed beneath the tree into which generations of couples in his family had carved their names. They’d been in Michigan for Jeff’s family reunion and shared the news with everyone before carving their own names into the tree the following day. As for Kelly and Jeff’s parents, they got back in touch after the couple had been dating for about a year, still get along well -- and couldn’t be happier.