An Outdoor Winter Wonderland Wedding at a Private Estate in Santa Barbara, California

Allie Anderson (23 and a Presh Events Wedding Planner) and Eric Anderson (23 and a flight dispatcher for the United States Navy) met in the summer of 2011 on Eric's boat in Pensacola, FL. Allie made the first move by approaching Eric and asking about his hamster, Mr. Bigglesworth. Soon after, they exchanged numbers and had their first date planned. After a few months, they had fallen head over heels in love and Allie knew she wanted to marry Eric no matter where he would be stationed. In December 2013, Eric proposed to Allie on the beaches of Malibu, California. Too stunned and elated to say yes, Allie reached for the ring as Eric nervously asked her again for her hand. She said, "Of course!" and the planning began. Three months later, they got the incredible news that their baby daughter was on the way in the same week that Eric's orders came to leave for San Diego, California. In order for Allie to go to California with Eric, they had to be married first. So they had a cheesy courthouse ceremony and moved to California shortly after. In September 2014, Eric was honorably discharged after serving his five years of service and the family moved to Ventura, California to plan the official ceremony and reception. With a color palette of plum, white, silver and a touch of ivory, Eric's aunt was gracious to let them use her estate as the venue space for their outdoor winter wonderland wedding. With unique touches like personalized buffet stations, a hot chocolate bar, and a photo booth with props, the reception was fun and down-to-earth, just what Eric and Allie wanted. "Besides the day our sweet little girl was born, our wedding day was the most magical and perfect day of our lives," says Allie.