An Over-the-Top Wedding at the Foundry at Puritan Mill in Atlanta, Georgia

Kelly Hall (26 and a registered nurse) and John Matthew Stafford (27 and quarterback of the Detroit Lions) knew they wanted to focus on surprising and delighting their guests on their wedding day at the Foundry at Puritan Mill in Atlanta, Georgia. "We had so many fun touches, but without a doubt, the most memorable was the airbrush trucker hat stations," planner Lindsay Pitt says. Matthew is known for wearing baseball caps, so the couple had an interactive station that personalized neon trucker hats as guests ate dinner, and then had them ready for dancing and the after-party. The after-party featured a light-up dance floor and black lights, so the hats really popped. According to Pitt, personalization is the key to an unforgettable guest experience—and it doesn't have to break the bank. "Incorporate food, elements or decor that reflect you as a couple so your guests leave saying, 'That wedding was so them.' They'll remember those things for years to come," Pitt says. The couple stocked welcome baskets with goodies, a branded bottle opener from their alma mater, the University of Georgia, and a comical, but possibly necessary, Blowfish hangover remedy. "Our team of creative partners on this event was top-notch," Pitt says. "We had such a large team that we had to serve more than 50 vendor meals the day of."