A Romantic Farm Wedding at the Snow Moon Ranch in Maple City, Michigan

For their summer nuptials, Kara Dornbusch (24 and a registered nurse) and Dan Guy (26 and owner of Espresso Bay coffee shop) didn't have to travel far from their home in northern Michigan. The Traverse City-based couple celebrated at the Snow Moon Ranch in Maple City -- an alpaca farm with stunning lake views and plenty of outdoor space."I wanted lots of flowers and for our wedding to represent our love for Michigan," Kara explains. "I learned of Snow Moon Ranch via an article about the owners and their llamas and alpacas a few years back. It noted that the ranch overlooked Big and Little Glen Lakes and the sand dunes of Sleeping Bear Lakeshore, so I knew it would make a beautiful site for my wedding."To complement the venue's open landscape, the couple chose a color palette of turquoise, yellow and shades of pink to transform the rustic farm into the perfect romantic backdrop for their special day.