An Urban Pop Art Wedding at the Montreal Science Centre in Montreal, Quebec

Carol Chevereau (25, a Management and Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur) and Matthew Bennett's (28, a Lead Game Designer) wedding was filled with bright bold colors of red, blue, yellow and white--a color palette that emphasized their unique, urban, pop art Mondrian theme. Their wedding was held at the Montreal Science Centre in Quebec, with an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception. Bold colors were used in every aspect of the wedding, from the bridesmaid's custom made Mondrian inspired dresses, to the bright red chairs used for the ceremony. The flower arrangements were also bright, bold colors of yellow, red, blue and white, with an emphasis on roses--a reference to the couple's first vacation together in Portland: The City of Roses. A standout detail? The unique reception entertainment! The Cirque du Soleil had set up their circus tent across from the Montreal Science Centre and Carol and Matthew decided to bring some of their performers over for a once in a lifetime unique slow flying trapeze and drum show! Check out more photos by davina + daniel below!