An Urban Wedding at Clubhouse Jager in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Stacey Palmer (35 and a server) and Bryan Gerrard (39 and a bar manager) wanted their nuptials to be more than a wedding. They wanted it to be a funky and fun party, and they totally nailed it. The day started on the rooftop of ElseWarehouse with stunning vistas of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since Stacey and Bryan live and work downtown, they wanted to share the city they love with 200 of their friends and family. Although the space was naturally gorgeous, florist Luna Vinca added manzanita branches and pink and white peonies throughout the decor to add a little romance. Afterward, everyone headed across the street to the couple's favorite place in Minneapolis: Clubhouse Jager. "It's a fantastic bar with a charm that cannot be put into words," Stacey says. They filled up 200 white balloons to decorate the plated-tile ceiling, hung a sparkly unicorn over the dessert table and fired up the disco ball. Everything from cupcakes to glowing cotton candy and disco doughnuts touched taste buds well into the night. The newlyweds kicked off the lively dance floor with "All for You" by Janet Jackson; then "Transmission" by Joy Division took over, and they boogied well into the morning. See all our favorite details, planned by Audacious Red Events and captured by RKH Images, below.